Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse, inverted

Solar Eclipse, purple and gold

We had a major solar eclipse in August of 2017. My life changed dramatically within a few days of that. I will always associate the two events so I am commemorating that  time with this watercolor. Chaotic deconstruction of ones life is not something you would do on purpose but it is not a bad thing. I found myself in a place of possibility. I would like to eventually rebuild my little ant nest that was torn apart and not live in deconstruction the rest of my life but it is up to me to rebuild it how I want. How comfortable can I eventually become with uncertainty? 

  My favorite, caput mortem is the black stand in.  I wanted to use that white yellow on top in a way I never do with watercolor. White always comes from underneath when I paint but here I wanted a gilded look to capture the light. This painting is not symmetrical, the frame is off kilter and creates an uncomfortable something not right. I considered cropping it but decided not to. I made it like that to express the feeling being in an uncomfortable place.

Prints are made to order; please allow 2-3 weeks to ship.

giclée print using Epson HDR Ultrachrome archival inks / includes white border. Digital reproduction of watercolor original.

Printed on Canson Infinity Arches Aquarelle Textured Watercolor Paper

310gsm / 100% cotton / PH neutral/ Acid Free certified

Solar Eclipse. teal and maroon