Red Triangles on Circle

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Premium quality giclée print using Epson HDR Ultrachrome archival inks / includes white border. Digital reproduction of watercolor original.

Printed on Canson Infinity Arches Aquarelle Textured Watercolor Paper

310gsm / 100% cotton / PH neutral/ Acid Free certified

In retrospect..

Sometimes I make an interference pattern with waves and sometimes with matter. I am noticing that I have subconsciously chosen matter to be red and waves to be blue if other paintings can be held as meaningful in this regard. It seems sensible. This means the cat is dead or alive, yes.

This painting is just two views of the same thing, it is either appearing to be a gaseous ball or built of bricks. 

I did not think of any of these things when I painted it. It was just something I wanted to see. It is just now I am seeing it like that. I do not spend much time thinking about Schrödinger's cat. Or maybe I think I don't but my mind is turning it over and over behind the scenes.