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Premium quality giclée print using Epson HDR Ultrachrome archival inks / includes white border. Digital reproduction of watercolor original.

Printed on Canson Infinity Arches Aquarelle Textured Watercolor Paper

310gsm / 100% cotton / PH neutral/ Acid Free certified

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click on the journals or tote to purchase

Moon with Blue and Lilac

This was originally a horizontal piece made up of crescents but then I added in the cobalt violet path to blue interference pattern and it became vertical.

Something happens, then something else.  The painting finds its own way if I can let it. The reason for painting is to follow the path and let it become manifest in the world without getting in the way with my thinking brain. Choices that are made are feeling into it and not forcing my will upon it. I would like to allow my painting to arrive from the dream world.  I am calling it a dream world, but maybe it is a larger concept. It is the space that we share in the unembodied state. Where the energy of the tree and rock in my yard and I can exist in the same way.

It would be impossible to plan more than a rudimentary beginning of a painting. I have no idea how it will end. It will become independent of me and then my role is complete.