Dragon No. 3

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Premium quality giclée print using Epson HDR Ultrachrome archival inks / includes white border. Digital reproduction of watercolor original.

Printed on Canson Infinity Arches Aquarelle Textured Watercolor Paper

310gsm / 100% cotton / PH neutral/ Acid Free certified


This dragon is a color variation of the Dragon No. 1. I wanted to use ochre and blue with a caput mortem background. Caput Mortem was originally an alchemical term. It was the term for what was left over after distilling all that was valuable. You are left with some worthless dregs, essentially a dead  head/caput mortuum.  Or as we come to see, literally a dead mummy head.

They did actually make the pigment back in the day , from ground up mummies, white pitch and myrrh. I would like to see those paintings. Using dead people this way has not happened in a very long time but back in the 16th century people even ate mummies and it was not horrific cannabalism but medicinal.

So they were making this pigment from mummies and needed to name it. There is a Mummy Brown pigment but Caput Mortem moves more towards violet. So mummies plus something alchemical creates the very mercurial color I am so enamored of. It is an easily shifting color and can be a bit overbearing, watch out.